marți, 6 aprilie 2010

To remember 2009

I begin with a few products launched in 2009.Indeed, all products priced over $ 40, but could be a good investment. Plus you can find them on sale on websites such as of all, nail polish from Chanel ,,Le Vernis" in shade Jade-407.Chanel's creative director of makeup , Peter Philips, electrified lacquer lovers when he sent jade green fingernails down the Fall 2009 runway.Then he decided to put the polish into production.The second product:,,Lola" by Marc Jacobs
Lola follows the very succesful Daisy fragrance and is described as the more sensual, confident and slightly vampy older sister to Daisy.Seductive and alluring , Lola blooms with luxuriant Fuschia Peony. A warm floral bouquet with an intoxicating swirl of rich layers.

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